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What Students Say

“I like what we do in class because, unlike my other classes, this class really focuses on the future and what the real world is about.” - 9th grade student


“The most fun thing I've done in class, I have to say is doing the presentation about our planned event with my group. It was really fun having professional conversations with my peers and it really felt like a workplace, at an office for example, not a classroom, and it felt really cool being treated like a professional.” - 11th grade student


“I feel like ever since getting to work on projects with other students, my mind has really opened up, not only academically, but socially and emotionally. I'm usually that person who prefers to do things on my own. but working with other students has helped me learn and see things in different perspectives, which I feel has helped my education.” - 10th grade student

“In this class I'm more involved. In other classes I don't talk to anyone and I do all my work by myself. In this class I'm able to work with my group and we all learn together. Everything we learn sticks because we talk about it and apply it to our projects.” - 12th grade student


“The most fun thing (imo) was working afterschool with my group. It was more relaxed and we were able to complete our work while also having fun. I enjoy the live sessions because it's a chill environment where we learn in a more interactive way.” - 9th grade student


“It impacts my education because I get to see things from a different perspective and that allows me to learn and grow. Being hands on definitely helps me remember things more and I never feel like I've wasted my time by attending class.” - 10th grade student

“I like what we do in this class because it seems like a way more relaxed and realistic learning style. This type of learning keeps me more engaged in the topic and keeps me working at it without lots of stress while being efficient. “ -10th grade student

“The most exciting for me would be the discussions for projects, coming up with new ideas, and talking to my classmates.  Yes I'm always excited.” -9th grade student


“I like everything about this class. I find it very useful because we are taught things that will help us in the future.” -11th grade student


“I like this class because I feel that I have learned important teamwork and communication skills.” -12th grade student


“This impacts me because it allows me to learn from others, and realize things from other perspectives.” -9th grade student


“We bounce ideas off of each other and help clarify. Working together brings more clarity and depth to our work because there are multiple different people and opinions all merging together to form one strong thought.” -12th grade student


“This opportunity to work on projects with other students impacts my own education because I learn how to work with other people and how to go along with other people's ideas.” -11th grade student

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