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Entrepreneurship 1:

Design a Fundraiser

The first course in the Entrepreneurship Sequence, students will learn to work as a team and plan a fundraising event to raise money for a cause they believe in.

Entrepreneurship 2:

After School Business

The second entrepreneurship course, students will design a small, manageable project that they can do after school to earn extra money.

Entrepreneurship 3:

Create a School Fundraising Plan

In this Entrepreneurship course, students will choose a group on their campus and create a comprehensive fundraising plan for the advisers, coaches, students, and players to follow.

Entrepreneurship 4:

Be  a Management Consultant

In the final pre-requisite Entrepreneurship course, students will choose a local business and create a business, marketing, operation, and improvement plan for the business owners.

Elementary Courses for Young Entrepreneurs

Virtual Startup Academy's Elementary Program offers younger students the opportunity to learn to work in a team and solve amaing and fun projects together while having fun and making friends.

Agile Advertising for Entrepreneurs 

In Agile Advertising, students learn visual design in great detail using CANVA, and will take a tour of a variety of different marketing channels where they'll develop the skills they need to launch their stuartup without having to hire outside consultant.

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Special Topics in 

Students will take a journey through a variety of different topics in entrepreneurship and business, and will focus on developing skills that will make them effective and innovative learners and entrepreneur.

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Finance for 


This course discusses the principles of finance and accounting as it relates to entrepreneurs.  Students will learn basic concepts including time value of money, discounted cash flow analysis, and capital budgeting, which will lead them to learning how to raise capital and create valuations for their startups.

Coming Soon
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