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Virtual Startup Academy


At Virtual Startup Academy, we are experts at virtual, team-based learning.  We feel the most important thing in education today is teaching students how to interact in teams and solve complex problems in a collaborative environment.  As homeschool parents, you know firsthand how difficult it is to provide your child with the interaction they crave with students their age.  We have designed our homeschool entrepreneurship program to specifically address this issue.

Unlike other online programs which give your student pre-recorded content and tests to measure their learning, we hold live classes with a highly trained teacher who will help your student and their classmates thrive in a collaborative, team based online classroom that cannot be found anywhere else.  Students will come to class, meet other students who are in the same situation as them, grow bonds with each other as they solve interesting and relevant business problems, and most of all have fun.

We invite you to join us on this learning journey and are excited to offer the following courses for students in all grade levels:


Plan a Party

Plan a Vacation

Outsource Your Chores


Middle and High School

Plan a Fundraiser

Start an After-School Business

Visual Design for Entrepreneurs

Videography for Entrepreneurs

IT for Entrepreneurs

Finance for Entrepreneurs


This coursework will set your student down the path of being an effective collaborative learner who can work in teams, communicate with others, solve complex problems, come up with big ideas, and finished projects.  The skills they will learn transfer to all subject areas and every facet of life, and their growth will be apparent immediately.  We hope to hear from you soon.

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